About Us

The Walter companies have been family-owned and operated since the founding of D. N. & E. Walter & Co. in California over 150 years ago. Today, the Walter companies, consisting of D. N. & E. Walter & Co. and its sister company 562 Mission Street, LLC, invest in value-oriented commercial real estate and global security holdings.  The Walter companies remain committed to San Francisco and still operate blocks from the site of their original 19th century headquarters.

Led by David N. and Emanuel Walter, the first generation of the Walter family in San Francisco established a home decoration and furnishing business, D. N. & E. Walter & Co., concentrating primarily on importing and manufacturing carpets and rugs, and also offering wallpaper, upholstery and other home goods.  By its 100th anniversary in 1958, D. N. & E. Walter & Co. had become a beacon of excellent business practice, with offices from Portland to Los Angeles and east to Salt Lake City, and a carpet mill in Los Angeles.


Over the next half century, D. N. & E. Walter & Co.’s initial carpet and decoration assets were divested and redeployed into securities and real estate, with a view to long-term investment in two of the most successful U.S. real estate markets, the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.

For over 150 years, the members of the Walter family have maintained the family structure, investing as partners.  The Walter executive team emphasizes building value for fourth, fifth, and sixth generation owners, the current investors, through the creation of a limited-risk, diversified investment portfolio.


With close coordination among asset management and operating teams, Walter management continues to refine investment holdings and redeploy capital to generate long-term value.  Changing land use policies and market conditions allow for new opportunities to redevelop the real estate holdings. This allows for innovation in the Walter companies’ relationship with tenants, neighbors, and the local communities.

The Walter family’s commitment to San Francisco and the greater West Coast is strong, and most family members continue to live and work in the Bay Area after four or five generations.